We know that selling or renting a home can be a lot of work. We want the process of having it staged to be as easy as possible for you. Simply follow these three steps and we will get your home market ready:



See our List of Services for details and pricing to determine which option will best meet your needs.

Pure Joy | Process Step Two


PureJoy offers four contemporary styles to choose from: Modern, Traditional, Farmhouse + Coastal. Visit PureJoy's Pinterest Page to see examples of each. 

Pure Joy | Process Step Three


Call PureJoy, or fill out our online Service Request Form, to get your staging appointment on the calendar. At that time we will send you a contract to sign and return.


Finally, hand us the keys, and we'll take care of the rest...

You'll be able to return to a home that is beautifully staged, simplified and ready for listing. 




PureJoy offers a variety of services to best suite your Staging + Design needs


vacant home STAGING

When your home is like a blank canvas, we’re inspired! Unfortunately empty homes can discourage buyers and renters, because they aren’t able to envision what could be. Let PureJoy come in with all the furnishings, decor, and knowledge to get your home staged and ready for listing.

NOTE: A rental fee applies beyond 60 days.



Sometimes it just takes a professional to help you see all the potential your home has to offer. Let us come for an hour and give you some tips and ideas to style and streamline your home in preparation for listing.



Want to start from scratch? We’ve done this before and know how overwhelming it can feel to make all the necessary decisions. Paint, flooring, tile, cabinets, countertops, lighting, furnishings and textiles...PureJoy can consult on a full redesign and ensure cohesion, so you can enjoy the process and the results!


People hire professionals to stage their empty homes for sale because buyers are more likely to purchase a home if they can envision living in it. The Real Estate Staging Association reports that staged homes spend 90 percent less time on the market than those that are not staged. The average professional home staging costs between three and five thousand dollars, and while it could seem like a steep price to pay, it truly can make a huge difference in your selling or renting experience.

"Professionally staged homes sell in an average of 35 days, compared to 175 days for non-staged homes" -StagedHomes.com


PureJoy offers home staging services that include decluttering, rearranging, or bringing in and staging furniture and decor in a home. Typically people hire professionals to help with home staging in preparation to sell a home, to rent a home out or sometimes to simply restyle a home. Some clients have their entire home staged, and others focus only on certain rooms. We can stage living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, master bedrooms, other bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and basements. Several factors affect the cost of home staging.


Whether a home is vacant or occupied, most stagings begin with a consultation. The consultation provides property owners with an action plan. They can then either work to execute the plan on their own, or they can hire PureJoy to complete it for them if they choose to make the house vacant. Purchasing only a consultation is a cost-effective way for DIY types to stage their home with limited professional assistance.


While we are not currently staging occupied homes, we do enjoy helping the sellers and their agent by doing a consultation for their current home. Our goals with an occupied home are to develop a plan to declutter existing furniture and decor, create easy pathways through the home, eliminate odors, and earmark small repairs. Clients may opt for a consultation only, or they can hire PureJoy to provide hands-on staging after the home has been made vacant..


Staging a vacant home involves creating a vision and then populating the home with furniture and decor that will appeal to the targeted home buyer or renter demographic. The cost of staging a vacant home covers all of the furnishings and decor, transportation and the physical setting up of the furnishings. We love watching the transformation happen when the home goes from empty to incredible with our vision-made-reality with furniture. Keep in mind, there are additional fees for renting furnishings if they are needed beyond 60 days.