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Joy Lardie started getting into the staging business in 2014, when her husband retired from the Navy and began his career in Real Estate. He called upon her expertise to help clients declutter and organize their homes to get ready to sell. In addition to her natural desire for organization, she found that she loved bringing new life to spaces and creating beauty within homes. Over time she picked up staging jobs that included everything from huge vacant homes to small design consulting jobs in little condos. Her love grew and she found her days filled with color schemes, furniture, decor and textiles. She knew that to help clients sell or buy a home, it takes imagination to explore the possibilities of what a home could look like - through furnishings and art and life breathed into the space. And she knew that she had that vision and initiative to do it.

Joy graduated with a double Bachelors from UCI and a double Masters from USC, and worked in the social sector for over 21 years. Upon retiring from her career in Social Services, her passion project of PureJoy was born. Joy recently completed her Interior Design Certificate as well as her Home Staging Certificate from the Interior Design Institute in Newport Beach. Her final class project was awarded "Hall of Fame". She was honored to have her talents recognized among her peers. In June of 2018, Joy received her Real Estate license, so that she can be of even more assistance in helping her clients.

She loves spending time with her husband, two teenagers and her golden retriever Emmy, in their home in Ladera Ranch.




Throughout my life, I’ve always had a knack for having everything “in it’s place.” I have a particular way that I see that things should be set up and I’ve spent significant time making sure that things are just “so”! This has played out in my own home as well as various businesses I have worked for and even owned, starting with my photography business in 2001. That venture grew into a rewarding career for me, and something that I still do today. In 2011, ten years later, I became a realtor and found my love for homes and the clients I worked with. In this vocation, I grew to love coming alongside my clients to guide them in the process of staging their homes to sell. Additionally, I was the “behind-the-scenes” of operations at a growing and successful real estate team in Orange County, California, and more recently completed an interior design class at Saddleback College as my interest in home design and staging grew. As soon as I started the class, I knew I wanted to jump into the home-staging world. With my background of design, creativity, innovation, and organizational skills, home staging has quickly become a passion of mine and I am beyond excited to be a team member of Pure Joy Staging!




Fun fact: my favorite word is aesthetic. I love how the word looks, I love how it sounds, what it represents, and even the fact that the word itself is aesthetically appealing! This word  technically means, “concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty,” but it’s so much more than that. The aesthetic—the feel, the vibe, the experience—of a room can make or break a mood, and it can even make or break a sense of community and camaraderie. 

I have always deeply valued how a place looks, feels, and even smells (silly? No. Ask every candle company ever... and all your essential oils reps with diffusers...ha!). My greatest desire is that my home would be a welcome place for people to feel like they are home, too, that they can be their truest selves and can relax because they are comfortable and taken care of. As a now-hired home-stager, all my values to create a welcoming environment come to life with my ever-active creativity and my love for being part of a fantastic team.

I have 10+ years of experience with marketing, event planning, and aesthetic-creating, and now that I get to utilize my gifts with Pure Joy Staging + Design I could not be more thrilled. Cheers to this next season with @purejoystaging — because the best is truly yet to come!